Art Therapy: A Therapeutic Tool for Addiction Recovery

ECHO Recovery is a nonprofit foundation and education organization intended to provide tools and resources to those struggling with SUD. We are proud to offer a housing program for those who wish to seek recovery and continue our efforts to help people find healing through the power of art. Art has existed for millennia, both as an essential form of communication and as a means of creative expression. Today, it can still be found anywhere and everywhere. People with SUD who have previously felt defeated and isolated from the world can reconnect with it once again through art.

art therapy for addiction ideas

Anyone and everyone can benefit from engaging in art therapy. Art therapy is proven to help people deal with anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems. It can help those suffering learn to manage their feelings and behaviors, relieve symptoms of stress, and even develop interpersonal skills. Art therapy for drug and alcohol addiction recovery can reduce anxiety, build self-esteem, and give addicts a tool to release their emotions in a safe space without turning to destructive behavior. Patients can also learn to understand themselves better through examining their own art and engaging in meaningful dialogue with an art therapist about their work. These elements are crucial parts of the recovery process for addicts.

What Does Art Therapy in Recovery Look Like?

This often resulted in death, insanity and most often a total relapse when they were finally released. Further, CAM practitioners are specifically included in the PPACA’s description of its patient-centered medical homes. These features of PPACA support suggest future expansion in the use of CAM technology.

  • Mental illness and emotional traumas are often the culprits behind substance abuse disorders, and art therapy can be invaluable in managing those exact issues.
  • These elements are crucial parts of the recovery process for addicts.
  • The participants will put together inspirational words or phrases that they feel define their core values.
  • Art therapy can also improve cognitive function1 and enhance brain connectivity.
  • Through addiction recovery art, psychological concerns like stress, anxiety, depression, or trauma can be brought to light, and the weight they put on our development can be lessened.

Zentangle is unplanned and abstract art that is created by various patterns and symbols, often made by drawing borders, connecting dots with lines, and shading open areas, usually done in black and white. If you are struggling with addiction, it may seem like there is no end to it. Drug rehab in art therapy for addiction Payson will make addiction recovery possible for you. Recovery is undoubtedly a challenging journey, but there are better things laid out for you at… Any skill level of artistry easily allows the participant to accomplish Zentangle—to achieve something in a thoughtful and healing format.

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In the United States, the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) and the American Art Therapy Association set and maintain standards for art therapy education. Another organization, the Art Therapy Credentials Board (ATCB), monitors art therapists to ensure that they provide quality, ethical care. Another pioneer in the field of art therapy was Margaret Naumberg, the founder of the Walden School in New York. Often called the mother of art therapy, she promoted the approach in the United States. She said that children were healthier and developed better when taught to express themselves creatively.

art therapy for addiction ideas

These situations can be hard to put into words, but rather than talk it out and risk giving inaccurate descriptions, you can draw it out. If drawing doesn’t do it for you, you can use paint, sculpture, or even dance to depict your emotions. No matter the feelings, experiences, traumas, or mental state, you have the ability to express them through art.

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